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I am trying to build a house with a thickened edge slab. I want to drop the garage for the house by 3", but I want the bottom of the footing to be at the same elevation as the bottom of the house footing. So I made the footing 3" shorter to match.  This worked except at the house wall.  The footing where the house and the garage meet drops an extra 3" beyond both footings and forces a chamfer (I have chamfered the other footings) under the garage floor, which I do not want.  Any suggestions? I have included a picture of how it looks, and a sketch of how I want it to look. Any help would be appreciated...



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      I am always trying to simplify/template things as much as possible - does anyone know why: " If Monolithic Slab Foundation is checked, the current Floor Structure will be replaced by a single 4” (100 mm) layer of concrete with footings that can be seen in camera views only. "  -  why does not the Program generate the slab as a layer on the Plan View on the Foundation Level?  Am I missing something obvious?  I like how the 'Slab Footing' wall has a camfer option, I just don't understand why if the Monolithic Slab Foundation is generated automatically it can't show up as a regular Layer?