A great way to make beams and keep the grain direction


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    • By stevenyhof
      As we all know, there are limited garage doors in Chief... A lot of them! Just not what we need. I plan on making more of the standard doors also. These are some of the common doors we use here in West Michigan from Clopay or similar.
      I am including my drawing where I made the doors if you want to make your own and/or expand on the drawing. I am also including my Library of these garage doors.
      Video about the garage doors...

      Link to the drawing file - X15
      Link to the Library - X15
      Let me know what you think. Are these helpful?
      credit to Eric - EricOnChiefArchitect
    • By stevenyhof
      I found another post where users were trying to find better ways to generate more realistic grass, and further conversation brought me to Twinmotion to help me render elevations quickly.
      Here is a link to what I learned and shared on setting up an environment with grade and trees that is ready to import your CA model...

      Here is the link to both the background.tm and the Grade folder... (will need to be unzipped - see detail in above post for more details)
      UPDATE: Updated background files and details at the end of this thread.

      See steps in posts below to set up.
      FYI, I have been overwriting the background as I have improved it - it now has grass added from Twinmotion.
    • By stevenyhof
      I did just send this to support, but wanted to know if anyone else was running into this - perhaps unwittingly...
    • By stevenyhof
      I ran into this once before, where I open my CA and there are no toolbars on the top and side.
      I found that my saved configuration was missing so I added it back in and set it default [ Switch To ]
      Nothing happens. 
      I even reset my toolbars and still nothing.
      Any idea how to get my toolbars back?
      Thank you,

    • By stevenyhof
      How can I globally turn off the Show Schedule Callout? As I insert Library objects I can open the object and turn if off, but if my object is a block I need to explode the block and then select the object with the call out on. 
      Thank you,