Curved wall and windows not playing well together


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I have a curved wall that creates my turret style stairwell and I have a few issues that i need your help with.


-first off the windows that are located in the turret stairwell below the pony wall have the brick finish misaligned when they span from floor to floor. 

-second when I put a roof over the stair well the brick finish will continue all the way to the roof from the foundation and cover up the windows. i did fix this with removing the roof and just creating a solid in its place. but I would like it to actually work as is should.


one plan file is the house with the errors, the second file (test) is just the stairwell and is in the same position for copy and pasting back and fourth... 


Thanks everyone, I'm on a corporate account so i cannot add my individual equipment to the signature. 

-Chief X14

-I7-11700 @ 2.5GHZ


-RTX 2060


Thanks for your help!



turret stairwell

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