Glowing edges at walls, floor and ceiling.


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After some trial and error, I found out that if I toggle the Sunlight button to off and turn off any light behind the walls where the light bleeds through, it eliminates the glowing edges. Also, if when I reduce the Daylight Backdrop Intensity in Rendering Technique Options to about 500 it helps a lot to eliminate bleed. You have to Build a foundation and roof. Problem solved. :)Any other ideas would help too if you had this problem. This is my fixed rendering. Its look much better now.



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57 minutes ago, solver said:

Chief now has 2 types of ray trace, the traditional ray trace and the newer RTRT (real time ray trace).


It's important to say which one you are using.


Attaching the plan file is also helpful.

I was using Physically Based Ray Tracing.

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