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    • By AtlasBuildingGp
      I'm working on a 4 unit and 5 unit condo project. 
      After spending forever and a half adjusting the ceiling heights for the stepped units. I'm now having a hard time getting Chief to understand that they are "separate buildings". I just want the total areas, and the schedules to think of each unit as separate buildings. Right now it groups the entire floor area. Is there anyway to do this? Some way I can get Chief to see the individual units as separate buildings? Or am I whistlin dixie?
      I'm using Premier x12
      Thanks for your help
    • By LeeDrafter
      I need to calculate room square footages to give to our supplier to order flooring. I noticed when room areas are displayed along with the room labels, it is not calculated to the interior of the walls. Walls seem to be included, and some rooms seem to be different than others on how the calculation is done. Is there a way to adjust how these room calculations are done? Or do you have other advice on how to get this information for flooring square footages? The only options I have come up with so far are drawing a bunch of polylines in all the rooms or doing the math with the dimensions, and I was hoping for something easier. 
      Thank you
      Lee- X12
    • By stevenyhof
      I ran into this once before. I am setting my room types for each space, but the floors are not updating. The garage did.
      The Master has carpet, the tile shower has tile, etc.
      Any ideas of what I am missing?
      Thank you,
      MPI1825 Bill and Sharon Kirkwood.plan
    • By lyssekelley
      I'm trying to calculate the square footage of the house I'm creating and I was under the impression it would be calculated automatically. Where do I find that number or, if it isn't automatic, is there an easy way to find it other than going from room to room?
    • By Sweeney
      Hi all,
      Going for a more modern baseboard and door trim detail. I am wondering how to best accomplish this in Chief (see photo attached). The base board wants to be flush with the drywall plane with a 1/2" reglet reveal above. The door trim will match, and the windows have drywall returns. Has anyone ever made this happen using chief?
      Thank you in advance,