Export SPV from X12 to import to X13


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I've decided to upgrade to X13, and the upgrade instructions indicate:

Although you can migrate your template files for use in Version X13, for best results it is recommended that you either: l

1.Use the installed templates when creating new plans and layout files in Chief Architect X13 l

2. Use the installed templates as the basis for creating new custom templates.


Did anyone actually do one of these two options, or is everyone opening up their old templates and saving them in X13.


I was thinking of doing the save as in X13 for layout files, but creating new template plans from the installed X13 template.


However I notice there is no export SPV available in X12, but you can import them in X13 (or X12 for that matter) from a plan. I assume I can import the SPVs into X13 from my X12 plan? I tried it and it seems to work. I do not see any mention of it in the migration guide, and the help does not stipulate if it is only for the current version.


Just wondering what everyone is doing.





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Is anyone admitting to not doing the recommendations? :)



it is recommended that you either: l

1.Use the installed templates when creating new plans and layout files in Chief Architect X13 l

2. Use the installed templates as the basis for creating new custom templates.


or is it a wink wink?




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