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To make the emission of a material on a light source turn off when you switch off the light, you must select the Material Default Glass (Lights). 



Are there any other materials that can behave like that, or is there any way to make more of this kind of default materials?

I'm making a visual stage plot setup for my band, and I would like to be able to create spotlights with several colors or material types with this switchable behavior, but it seems like all lights ends up with the last setting I do for this Material Default.


If any developers are reading this: Is this a feature that can be implemented in coming versions (I user CAPX12)?


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    • By rlackore
      I became tired of positioning loads of lights to simulate LED tape light strips, so I created this symbol: LED Tape Light.calibz
      The symbol is only 24" long - you need to use a row of several symbols to produce varying lengths. There are 96 lights per symbol at 5 lumens per light, for a total output of 240 lumens/foot. You can easily produce half the output (120 lumens/foot) by simply turning off every-other light. Adjusting the per-light lumen output is straight-forward but exceptionally tedious because the changes can't be made in the Adjust Lights dbx, you must modify each individual light (all 96 of them) within the symbol dbx. The symbols display reasonably well in both raytrace and physically based:
      Raytrace, 240 lumens (48 lights) / foot

      Raytrace, 120 lumens (24 lights) / foot

      Physically based, 240 lumens (48 lights) / foot

      Physcially based, 120 lumens (24 lights) / foot

    • By Aamir77
      Hi every one,
      I am facing an issue ,program is chief architect X9 .Made a base cabinet ,put that BC to the wall ,made a load bearing rest stand with poly line solid for wall cabinets , put 4 puck lights in that stand , in camera view theses lights turn of whenever i try to put wall cabinet on the stand . If i drag the stand out from under the wall cabinet lights turn on . counter checked the sizing and placement of wall cabinet but problem is still there .
      Any hint on how to fix it . i want the lights in on position when wall cabinet goes back to its position with the wall .
      when i tried to use puck above cabinet ,it shows turned On ,then why the puck under the cabinet is not showing up ? please help

    • By D11-Design
      Dear All,

      This is a 50 pass render with only sunlight turned on. Ambient occlusion: min. 0.1 max. 2.0.
      My problem is obvious: the glowing edges at the northern part of the image. Have tried adding a foundation + roof, no success.
      Any ideas? Will try to solve the issue with Affinity Photo, but it would be much more efficient if raw ray traces looked OK. I have seen ray trace images with sunlight with no glowing edges so there must be some solution (the issue only occurs when sunlight is on).
      The side of the hood also doesn't look quite client-friendly. Someone suggested adding spot lights, is that the only way to fix it?
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!
      Kind regards,
    • By jlcDesign
      Since these two questions are tangentially related, I'll put them both here.  First, is it possible to make a part of a non-light symbol emit light in raytrace?  Specifically, I'd like to make the flames of my candles glow in raytrace, preferably without having to do the whole "light source" thing.  Might be impossible.  Also, does anyone have a good lead on a LED under-cabinet strip symbol?  I'd buy it in a heartbeat.  I've been taking the stupid fluorescent bar and trying to shrink it to hide under the cabs to no avail.
    • By capitaldesigns
      I am working on a TI project. We are adding a 36" high pony wall with an artistic etched glass panel on top.
      The glass panels will be lighted from below and inside the pony wall. The pony wall will be 8" thick with a
      cherry wood cap. There will be a slot cut into the wood cap where the glass panels will be placed.
      How do I show light lights inside the pony wall and facing upward ? Or is there another way to get the glass panels
      to appear to be light from below in the 3D model ?