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Hi There,

New to Chief, my question is when creating a solarium or anything else like a timber frame pergola which takes a fair amount of work!

Would it be best to import as an Template or Create a Layer Set? 


Any advice would be appreciated,


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Understandably as a new user I am sure I will become more proficient with experience just curious if I should be saving these work-ups some where accessible?


Thanks for your reply. 

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14 hours ago, TimelessJohn said:

just curious if I should be saving these work-ups some where accessible?


If you intend to reuse them, I would certainly save them.


My question above that you did not answer was, how are you creating these things -- in Chief? If so, just save the plan file.

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Thank you for the insight on forum 101 for newbies and the articles.


I understand saving the plan file, Not sure if I can import to another plan to utilize the same settings profile? i.e. A common solarium I might use. 

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