Adding hip wall on top of existing wall

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Hello, I am a new user of CA x12 and trying to figure something out. I am drawing plans for my own house and I will be attaching the house to an existing garage. What I am trying to show is the existing garage 8ft wall with a 5ft hip wall or pony wall on top of it. What happens now is the exiting 8ft wall I have drawn on the first floor, automatically extends to the rafters of the shed roof.

One image shows the correct framing for the first floor of the garage wall. Another image shows how the wall gets automatically extended. The final image shows that it sees the siding goes all the way up regardless of what the framing looks like. The different siding is just to identify the area in question.

What I want to do is add a short wall on top rather than extending. How do I accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.




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Just that one wall? It's height is controlled by the garage ceiling height.


I used an open below 2nd floor, and Build Framing for Selected Object, and Retain Framing for the short wall.



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It’s actually all 3 walls. I can get the framing to extend to the roof, however I need to show the framing as being on top of the existing framing wall. Basically leaving the existing 8ft wall and add a cripple wall or pony wall on top of it to extend to rafters. 

I’m using Chief Architect X12 and will get this info into my signature. 

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