PDF from Layout cuts off part of drawing

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I am trying to do a presentation plan and am using a top down orthographic view with watercolor and overlaid lines. I can't get the resolution I need exporting an image from CA so I have sent the view to Layout as a live view. We also tried it as an image. The problem is that every time I try to create a PDF two walls disappear. The view box is large enough, so I haven't cropped the view, I've had our veteran Chief guy look at it, and we're stumped. Here is the result:



Here is the view in Layout:


And Here is the print preview:



Has this happened to anyone else? I have tried outputting this about a dozen times and the same two walls are cut off every time. 


I am running CA Premier X12 on a Dell with these bells and whistles. I also have Bluebeam Revu as my PDF print driver in addition to the "Export" function in CA. I have tried to print and to export with the same result . Any help would be appreciated.


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