What is the best way to create custom cabinet doors?

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I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has experience modeling custom cabinet doors. We work exclusively with custom cabinetry and often find ourselves needing to represent a one off door style. I haven't found a comprehensive tutorial on how to model a custom cabinet door style and use it within the Chief Architect cabinetry tools. I would appreciate if anyone here could point me in the right direction to accomplish this.


Thank you!

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    • By Nate_M
      I'm wondering if anyone here has experience creating custom doors for cabinetry. Most of our work requires a custom door/drawer style or some special wainscot panels. What is the best way to create a custom door/drawer and use it with Chief Architect cabinets?
      Thanks in advance for your help!
    • By Southcoast247
      I'm still a beginner to CA, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread where you can show off custom cabinets/components/hoods anything custom you guys have created over time w/ brief instructions on how it was made. I'd be interested right away to see if anyone has created anything like this piece attached. An island end cap that one of my manufacturers makes as an end panel and I'd love to create it in CA.  
      Feel free to post anything cabinet related.

    • By Southcoast247
      New to CA, scope of work is typically kitchens, but steadily growing and starting to offer more services then just cabinetry.  Many years of 2020 experience so I am looking to see how others are putting together layouts for their clients/installers and utilize the layout/template tools since I'm not fully aware of what can be done with the program. Currently am printing on 11x17 but am definitely open to going to 18x24. Please feel free to showcase anything and everything will be helpful I'm always looking for new ways to make things easier.  TIA!
    • By interiorarch
      Attached are several images along with a Chief Architect* plan file to use as reference to my question. 
      I am tracing a floor plan I received from one of our designers (the CAD, Default layer is outlined in red).  The master plans have already been drawn up in SketchUp.   We build the same floor plan in both programs due to different beneficial functions in both companies. As a result, it is important both projects are built to exactly within the same dimensions, in order to share information within our network.
      In the upper right hand corner of the floor plan, you will notice a set of cabinetry. I have traced my exterior walls/interior walls to fit within the red CAD, Default layer. The area of dry wall that recesses into this "main range" section/unit was designed using polyline solids (box).   Based off the screenshot, I built my base cabinets using the same dimensions provided. Unfortunately, my cabinets are completely off from what SketchUps look like in terms of filling the entire "main range" unit of the kitchen.
      Could the overall floor plan be completely off, I have tried my best to match dimension and seemed to match up. (Hoping this is not the case)
      Please let me know if this makes sense or if you have any other questions.
      Thank You!

    • By StudioD23
      We are a boutique design studio in New York City. We are looking for a very proficient designer with the following experience:
      -residential interiors
      -creating construction documents for Interiors
      -estimating square footage for tiles
      -experience with detailing and cabinetry design
      Please reply with work experience and relevant work examples.