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Best computer to buy

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I am new to Chief Architect. I  purchased the Home Designer program because I do some residential space plan and design for friends and family. I was previously hand drawing main plans, using Room Sketcher for #D and walk thru program and  Lowes cabinet designer program for more detail cabinet plans. the  purchase of CA was to hopefully simplify to one program and save time although I know there will be some learning curve. I am searching for a new computer and wondering if there are suggestions. I would like to have a second monitor as well and had thought about a gaming laptop that meets all the requirements on CA website and then some. Having the  laptop gives me flexibility to take work with me when I am traveling. The Laptop I found is an MSI and has two hardrives. One TB of HDD and 512 SDD. Also 6 GB video card, 17.3 screen,  16 GB ram. Any thoughts?  I am new to drawing digitally other that what i  mentioned. Excited to delve into CA and want to be sure I have the right tools.



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Just an FYI


For a Home Designer user, it's confusing when you say "CA" instead of "HD", and you don't need to add "Chief Architect" -- just Home Designer is all that's needed, and it's important to indicate which title (Pro, Suite etc) and year (2020, 2021 etc).


And ...


You have found the forum for the Chief Architect branded products.
Home Designer users have their own forum, HomeTalk, where you will find suggestions based on your software.

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This is an often asked question. Have you tried a forum search for laptop?

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