Drawing AS BUILT Exteriors

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Hi Everyone!


Can anyone direct me to the best way to draw an existing house in Chief Architect V. 12?

My current place of employment uses SketchUp for rendering the "as built" of homes.


They start this process by using the Hover-James Hardie app. It takes 3d measurements from taking exterior images of the house. Then we export the 3d measurements into sketch up. And the entire house pops up and we can do whatever we need from that point.


Wondering if there is a way to do this in Chief?


The files we can export are SKP, DWG, DXF AND .esx


I have already talked with someone from Chief, and they said it's not possible. But thought I would post here anyway.


I have tried to bring a file into Chief but it brings it in as one large red block and doesn't let me change anything.


If it can't be done in Chief, then I will have to draw the entire house I guess.

Thank you!


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If you are exporting a 2D plan in DWG/DXF format (not sure which one is best), you should be able to import it. Chief has tools for this, but I've never used them.


Or, if you have an accurate, dimensioned plan, it takes just minutes to draw manually.


If you are trying to import some sort of 3D model into Chief, then that's what it will remain. It will not convert to something you can edit with the normal chief tools -- add walls or windows, for example.

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