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Hi, everyone,


I have a serious problem that I hope someone can provide a solution. 


My pc's windows 10 stop working, and I sent it to PC repair, and I was told the windows is corrupted, so they suggested to reinstall windows 10 and backup my files. But all the apps. including Chief Architect will not be saved.


I have a lot of items saved in user catalog in my library that related with blueprints. I don't know if I can find them back after reinstall Chief Architect. I'd like to ask if anyone know where in the computer they've been saved, so I can ask PC repair shop to back up/save them before wipe off all my data for re-installation.


Thank you for any suggestions.



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This should really go in Chatroom as it's not about using Chief, and Tips & Techniques is where you share your tips and techniques.


If there is a problem with Windows, they should not need to wipe off all your data, but if they do and they can backup your files before, and then restore your files, then when you install Chief, nothing should change.


Files are scattered in multiple directories.

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