Wall Covering Pattern and Texture Questions


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Hello, my name is Aaron


I am having some design issues while using Home Designer Pro 2020 and I am seeking some help.


While drawing a full bathroom I am having trouble getting correct finishes to render in 3D.  


I have a flooring material snipped from a google search that I wish to use as a 24x12 tile on the floor in a 1/2 offset grid but while it shows the pattern in orthographic view it does not in the standard doll house view.  

What steps am I not correctly taking or settings that may be off that are not rendering the finish properly? (see attached photos for reference)


Also I am having an issue with a wall covering that shows the covering extending past the desired area of the wall.  I have a tub surround area for tile to be installed and on the plumbing fixture wall I have increased the thickness by 1/32 to make sure that the wall tile material is only in the tub surround.  While it works for my 20x8 it does not work for my 12x4 subway.

What inputs have I not correctly executed that now shows the subway extending past the desired area? (see attached photos for reference)


I appreciate all and any help on these issues.



Home Designer Pro 2020

Floor Material Question Pt 1.JPG

Floor Material Question Pt 2.JPG

Floor Material Question Pt 3.JPG

Floor Material Question Pt 4.JPG

Wall Covering Question Pt 1.JPG

Wall Covering Question Pt 2.JPG

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