Need help finishing HD Pro palns and Drawings

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Howdy - 

I had HD Pro and have 2 sets of plans that I would like to get ARCH E size drawings made.  I have not done any layouts due to the small size of the drawings in HD Pro.

The plans are for Bedford County, TN so that I can get permits and have a build started.

Since the cost of the house will be critical, there are 2 plans with different sq footages that I will need drawings for.

I am assuming I can be sent PDF ARCH E size drawings that I can have printed out.


Things I did not do in the drawings:

No electrical outlets or wiring (I believe I can draw on a printout and it will be acceptable to the county)

No plumbing (Just fixtures)

No HVAC (I will be adding multiple multi-split systems, and again, I think I can draw them in)

I did not generate framing, or add support beams (I can do that, but wasn't sure if the person helping would want them done before they started).

The position on the property is approximate, but again the county will have me just survey and stake the area, so I think just house related layouts would be fine.

I assume that after a first set is printed and submitted to the county, they will give me some items that need to be added, and I will use the same person to make the additions.


Please let me know if anyone is interested, and an approximate cost (I understand there are a lot of unknowns, just looking for ballpark) by emailing me or posting here. I will provide my phone number and plans in emails.


Thanks in advance,

Ward Stockwell


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