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Issue 1 - I want to build a Clerestory Roof. I've tried to follow the guide at KB-00492 but it messes up the roof.  Ideally want the higher roof above the lounge so a high window can be placed lighting the balcony.


Issue 2 - the shelf ceiling above the lounge, is not a room per se.  So I can not add, for example, a glass railing or open up the ceiling above the stairs. Any ideas?


Issue 3 - how would I create a wall similar to the picture attached around the property boundary?  Only need the panel inserts around drive with the full height wall going around the sides and back.  The side walls will create a hallway and enclosed path down the sides.


I want to learn how to do this rather than have the changes.


2020-02-06 16.02.41.jpg

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