Issue Snapping to Surface Layer at End of Wall

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Since upgrading to CA Interiors x11, I can't do a point-to-point snap to the surface layer at the end of a wall. It automatically snaps a half inch in to the end of the framing layer. The same thing happens if I try to bump and object (like a panel) against the end of a wall; it passes through the surface layer (1/2" drywall) to the framing layer.


I've set my defaults to show only the surface layer in my plan, I've set dimensions to locate on the surface of wall, set the wall defaults to resize about outer surface, and nothing has worked. Is this a bug in the new version or is there a default/preference I'm missing?

Snap Issue 1.PNG

Snap Issue 2.PNG

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I found the issue. If the wall is not in a "room," the snap doesn't go to the surface of the wall. The same is true in your test plan. If you draw a wall outside of the room and try to snap to it, it will be 1/2" from the tip of the wall.


I often only draw the walls I need in a kitchen plan (it's faster and tends to look cleaner for my clients).

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