Can't Get Wall To Appear/Close in 1.5 Story


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I have used Chief for a long time, but primarily for interiors/additions/etc.  This is my first "whole house" project and I'm having a wall issue that I am stumped on how to fix.  I am using X11.


The house is 1.5 story, so I followed Chief's instructions (I attended their training this year) on how to build the roof and put the second floor rooms under the roof.  The problem is that I cannot get this hole to fill in with an exterior wall.  I've tried dragging walls in perspective, but it creates other errors.  I've checked through a bunch of menus.  I've moved walls, etc.


My architect partner actually came up with the concept plan in Revit, so I imported as a PDF and traced.  I've gotten everything else to work out except this spot.


Several attachments-exterior view, interior view and floor plan view.  


I'm guessing I am completely overlooking the solution and would love advice.   I am struggling to finish out the rest of the plan details until I can get this remedied!




interior room.jpg

Wall opening.jpg


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Thank you!  That seemed to fill the hole for me.  I was looking at wall menus, not roof menus!  One last question- what do I do when the upper part of the wall is an exterior wall, but the lower is interior?  When I drew the exterior wall to fix the open hole, it did that but didn't remedy the visible interior wall adjacent to it (left of your marked image).  That wall needs to be siding on the top half, but drywall in the room.

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