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I Just wanted to introduce myself.
I’ve been in the building business for 25 plus years, mainly remodeling, (some new homes).
Cabinet maker, finish carpenter, remodeler among other things. (I know how things go together!)
Can communicate with Architects, builders & remodelers well.
Have been certified in & using Chief since version 6.
Have been working remotely all over the country for many years.
I work fast & reasonably, usually from a matter of days to 2 weeks turn around time.
Please see my work here:
Plan examples & references available on request.
Thank You for Considering me,
Tom Flachbart from The Project Designers
603 770 6078


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Dear Tom,

I am a new user of Home Designer Pro but need assistance to get to a completed plan.  I am rebuilding a 1970s Ranch by basically demolishing the original house and rebuilding on the foundation with some new additions included.  The floor plan is basically completed and my wife will go through and choose the interior designs. My current problem is the roof and truss design. We want to add a large cupola or upper clear stories ceiling/roof. I have a sketch that might help you understand what I need.

In the end this is a pretty simple design but the idea is to give the house a modern and unique look by altering the curbside appearance, and creating a high central ceiling with lots of light coming in from the back (south) into the kitchen/living areas. 

Can you help design the roof as described? Provide engineering knowledge? Create a plan complete enough to submit for a permit in Idaho?  How do you charge? What is your availability?

Roof Scetch 1. 7-11-19 07112019.pdf

4205 E Green  Picture.jpg

4205 E Green Picture 2.jpg

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