roof planes appearing on layout

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I send a floor plan to layout, creating a new layer set. No roof planes show up. Perfect. But then sometime later, when I load the layout sheet, there are roof planes there. So I double click on the layout box to load the original drawing and there are NO ROOF PLANES THERE! So somehow on my layout sheet the roof planes show up but when I double click they are turned off on the original drawing in the plan. A couple of times I've re-created the layout page all over again and the problem goes away--for awhile. Unfortunately, one sheet I have has about six different layout boxes that all show the roof planes. When I click on any one of them, the original drawing shows with the proper layout layerset with the roof planes are not selected. I close that window and the layout sheet reappears WITH the roof planes.


I can recreate the sheet, but that means re-arranging all six layout boxes again and I'm just getting tired of doing this time and again. Not sure what else I can do. I'm still using X5 (just can't afford to upgrade).

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I closed the layout and plan, re-opened, and the roof planes went away. Guess there's some odd bug in there.

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