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Hi, as you can see on the attached plan, I'm having trouble closing the gap between the vaulted ceiling and the higher flat ceiling where they meet (you can see into the attic from the second floor). Can someone suggest how to fix this problem? 

Also, on the picture you can see that I have a few exposed studs on the corner above the stair landing. I can't figure out how to clean them up. I'm a new Chief user so any help/suggestions would be very welcome!



Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 11.26.46 AM.png

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You can usually use wall settings to make this work -- like Roof Cuts Wall At Bottom, but I took a quick look and nothing seemed to work.


The get it done way is to select the wall and reshape it as required. You are working with the wall polyline, so it shapes like other polyline objects.




For the framing showing at the corners, look at Through Wall at Start/End, and the Edit Wall Intersection tool.

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