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Hi everybody

Having a hard time finding an accurate way to fill in the wall sections that are not generated because there is no wall under it when adding roofs to a plan with different roof baselines and an open wall.

Seems like I have tried everything so thats why I am here with my tail between my legs asking the experts.

This is a mock up of what I am trying to do and done with auto built roof planes.




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I fixed your plan using X10 and would upload but you could not see it ...


Try these steps.


Turn on Auto Rebuild Roofs.


Drag the exterior wall across so it runs from corner to corner covering over the railing. Select the wall and on the Roof panel, set Lower Wall Type When Split By Butting Roof to Interior-6. You should see siding on the exterior, drywall inside.


Place a doorway with a Dogear arch where you want the opening. Size it so it fills the opening. Turn off the casing. 


Place an interior railing wall in the 2nd floor room, away from the opening. Change its length to match the opening. Set it to No Room Definition. Using the center tool, center it within the opening both directions.





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