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This may end up being simple but it is vexing me right now.  I am doing a design where the stairway going to the second floor cuts through the master bedroom walk in closet.  Of course I want it open under the stairs, that part is easy, just toggle that on in the specifications.  How do I have a wall go from the stairway up to the second floor landing yet not appear below the stairs?  I have searched for an example of this in the support videos but have not seen anything.  My guess is this cannot be a very complex issue, it just escapes me as a relatively new user.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Chief X10. Thanks.

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An image will help others understand, but have you tried selecting a wall in elevation and reshaping as needed.

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No, I have not tried to do something so simple as just resize the wall in the elevation....(smack forehead with palm)   I figured it would be something simple that escaped me.  Thanks I will do that!

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