Default beams @ staircase openings


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I'm doing my first house plan in chief architect - the home has two stories plus an attic loft & full basement. So I need 3 staircases: basement  to main floor / main to second/ second to loft.


When I use the build framing commands to generate the floor joist layouts Chief Architect draws double joists to frame the staircase openings. However, our floor systems are built using engineered beams at the staircase openings (some type of microlam or timber-strand, whatever the floor designer deems adequate).


I want to change the default beams at the opening to 3 1/2" single ply lvl's. I've figured out how to go into the plan and manually change them but it would be a lot faster to just change the defaults so they always draw this way. I've gone thru every default I can think of but can't find a way to set this - is it even an option? Thanks!

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