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I am working with the trial version to see if this program will work for me. I am trying to draw up plans of my existing home so I can make new plans for a remodel. When I start with my wall layout plan I have tried foundation wall and exterior wall and put in the existing measurements of my foundation. When I put in the measurements which add up to equal measurements of the opposite side of the foundation I end up getting the warning symbol that says delete or ignore unconnected wall. Whichever option I choose it alters my plan and puts in incorrect measurements. I have not found an answer on any tutorial. From what I can tell the foundation wall measurement is from outside corner to outside corner around the perimeter. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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First, it would seem strange to me that clicking Ignore would have any effect since it is supposed to ignore the disconnected wall.


Second, I would recommend starting your plan with the process outlined in the Tutorial Guide, and Quick Start training resources:


The process, in a nutshell, is to start on Floor 1 and draw the rough shell of your structure. Then, use the dimensions to resize the structure to exact specifications.


Your foundation can be auto-generated based on the room types and layout of your first floor. (Garages receive a slab floor and shorter stem wall, for example.)

The warning symbols can mean a variety of things but, they can simply be ignored as well. They point out issues with your walls, such as, off angles, misalignment across floors, and walls that are not connected properly.


If you do choose to ignore them, however, keep an eye out for anomalies with things like your room definition and roof.

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