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Doing an as-built.  I created the basic roof using auto-roof and then edited it manually to raise one section higher.  This created a gable over a lower roof.  I cannot get either that gable wall or the eaves to cooperate.  I am attaching the file. 


You will note that the gable in question is showing a boxed eave on the front.  This is what was selected in all the dialogues; however, the other eave of that same gable is showing a continuous return.  In all of that, the abutting roof 2nd floor lower wall, is in the picture for some reason and interfering with the generation of the gable wall and is apparently the end point for the continuous eave return.  Interestingly, you will note there is a small bump out on the rear of the building with no roof.  If I generate a manual shed roof over this section, the single boxed eave changes to a continuous return eave.


I usually build roofs manually, but things like this usually cause problems.  Thought I would try, as is always suggested, to start with an automatic roof and manually adjust it hoping to eliminate joining issues that are often hard to find with manual roofs.  This one seems to have several issues and I need help.


Oh yeah,......... using X-10



Dossenbach Existing Plan.plan

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I was just guessing also.  Last time I posted, I was admonished for not including the plan file.  Since this issue would require multiple images, and I assume, some access to the settings, to resolve, I thought I should send the file.  But, I apologize for not sending images.

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I have not looked back at the plan, but I thought I had made all of those wall dialogues to not have returns. Which wall did you remove?  The one projecting out and stopping the continuous eve?  I had deleted that wall, which is basically the second floor wall at the lower eave, but it had no effect??   What you show is what is existing with the exception of some type of trim between the siding and the brick veneer.  I know I will have to do that with other tools.


I apologize for not understanding what you did, but would appreciate a fuller explanation as this sort of thing, at lease similar in nature, has often created issues for me.



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You were absolutely correct.  I made those changes and then moved roof planes and attic walls in order to make gable friezes be correct as well as aligning gable wall with lower brick veneer.  All that is left is the transition I mentioned which I can resolve easily.  In doing all of this I found that manipulating the walls and/or roof planes, several times made the continuous eaves reappear.  Not sure what that is, but at least I know where to start looking for such things.


I have used Chief a long time, since v.4 I think, but have found that the 3d elevations and roofs were more trouble than I wanted, unless everything was very simple.  CA has come a long way in what can be represented in those views and I have started trying to adapt.  But, I'm old, crotchety, curmudgeonly and hand drafted for many, many, many years...a bad combination for assimilating technology, I'm afraid. 


Thank you immensely for your prompt reply and your help.

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