Help: How To Raise Roof Line on One Part of House

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I am a weekend warrior when it comes to using Home Design Pro.  I found our builders blueprints and put the outside dimensions in Home Designer Pro to build the model of our home.   For the most part, this import process went well and the actual and model images look very similar (see attached PDF image, note I neglected to make the front of the upper roof gabled).


There is one region of our home, however, where the roof line of the model deviates quite sharply from our actual home and this is where we are looking at expanding (adding a side mudroom).  I believe this is because the roof is built according to a default ceiling height (10' ceilings), but even though the inside ceiling is indeed only 10' high in this part of our house, the outside wall of our house is actually higher than the single story would normally require.   This raises the roof line of this section of the house and makes it cleanly mesh with the roof line coming off the bonus room above the garage.


Hence my question:  is there a way to modify the height of just one or two sections of the exterior walls (where there is no second story above them) to get the model and actual home images to look the same?  Basically override the default heights just for this one section of the house.


BTW, if there is someone out there that would like to do this modification of my model for hire, I would be glad to discuss.  We also want to extend the dining room out a bit (lower two windows on the same side near front of house) and wrap the porch around the house with a "gazebo-like" corner section.  Modeling a "partial gazebo" appears also to be a bit challenging (we would like the look similar to the porch shown in the other attached photos, IMG_2715 and IMG_2713, which is from another house).


thank you,

---- Brad








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