Drafter Needed for Napa Valley Project

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Can anyone, ideally reasonably local to Napa valley, help with the following?







CUP and DR approvals in place for expansion to Calistoga lodging, see this link for details:

Initial CAD design for above converted to 3D model in Chief Architect X9, File is available.

Original Drafter has dropped out.

Now need drafting help in the next couple of weeks to (Details in attached pdf):

I. Validate the changes I have made to the base model.

II. Incorporate design decisions which need to be made into the model.

III. Incorporate design decisions we have made into the model.


IV. This is the short term scope to enable us to have close to final floor plans ready to take to structural engineering. If

available and interested additional Drafting scope is to provide normal drafting services support from completed

3D model and floor plans through building permit issue.



Nick Kite



Craftsman Drafting Scope.pdf

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