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SketchUp models of various Truss Types:
SketchUp 3d models - download all as shown from:
Sketchfab models with annotations:
Truss_YARD4 by Medeek in Sketchfab2.jpg
Truss_YARD4 by Medeek in Sketchfab3.jpg
Large preview of 3D Model of Medeek Truss Yard 4


Twenty-two (22) different truss profiles currently available within the Medeek Truss Plugin:
- Common
- Monopitch
- Attic
- Scissor
- Tail Bearing
- Dual Pitch
- Bowstring
- Bow Barrel
- Polynesian
- Cambered
- Cathedral
- Tray
- Mono Scissor
- Mono Cathedral
- Gambrel Attic
- Coffer
- Symmetric Cathedral
- Flat (Parapet, Mansard, Mansard w/ Parapet, Cantilever)
- Floor (System 42)


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Timber truss enthusiasts using SketchUp for secondary detailing

may be interested in the following "package of plugins" for SketchUp

Those Chief Architect users who use SketchUp for quick study detailing

may be interested in supporting Medeek Construction Library Kickstarter

and receive valuable tools to add to your toolbox of plugins.


The Medeek Construction Library (Sketchup plugins)
Kickstarter Ends: 29 August 2017


The Medeek Construction Library combines following SketchUp plugins:
1. Original Truss Plugin
2. Foundation Plugin
3. New Wall Plugin.


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Medeek's Truss Plugin Tutorial 5 

Published on Jul 3, 2017

Tutorial 5 of the Medeek Truss Plugin showing the creation of truss hip sets


I think those ChiefTalk members who are interested in trusses will find this interesting.



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Posting by Medeek at:
by medeek » Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:30 am

There seems to be some confusion regarding the licensing for the plugins.  Just to be clear

when you purchase a license it is permanent, it will work forever. 

There is no need to renew your license for continuous functionality.

Sample Model - view on any web device and in VR using iphone with cardboard viewer or headset
Sketchfab LINK:



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Medeek Truss Plugin

- Vendors and material suppliers whose products appear within the Medeek Truss Plugin


Vendors and material suppliers whose products appear within the Medeek Truss Plugin. If you have any suggestions for new products or material suppliers you would like to see added to the plugin please feel free to contact us.

Connectors and Hardware


Simpson Strong-Tie
  • Hurricane Ties: H1, H2.5A, H10A
  • Top Flange Hangers: ITS1.81/9.5, ITS1.81/11.88, ITS1.81/14, ITS1.81/16, ITS2.06/9.5, ITS2.06/11.88, ITS2.06/14, ITS2.06/16, ITS2.37/9.5, ITS2.37/11.88, ITS2.37/14, ITS2.37/16, ITS2.56/9.5, ITS2.56/11.88, ITS2.56/14, ITS2.56/16, ITS3.56/9.5, ITS3.56/11.88, ITS3.56/14, ITS3.56/16,
  • Face Mount Hangers: IUS1.81/9.5, IUS1.81/11.88, IUS1.81/14, IUS1.81/16, IUS2.06/9.5, IUS2.06/11.88, IUS2.06/14, IUS2.06/16, IUS2.37/9.5, IUS2.37/11.88, IUS2.37/14, IUS2.37/16, IUS2.56/9.5, IUS2.56/11.88, IUS2.56/14, IUS2.56/16, IUS3.56/9.5, IUS3.56/11.88, IUS3.56/14, IUS3.56/16,
  • Face Mount Hangers - Solid Sawn: LUS24, LUS26, LUS28, LUS210


Engineered Wood Products


  • I-Joists: Trus Joist® (TJI 110, TJI 210, TJI 230, TJI 360, TJI 560, TJI 560D)



Boise Cascade
  • I-Joists: BCI® (BCI 4500, BCI 5000, BCI 6000, BCI 6500, BCI 60, BCI 90)



  • I-Joists: LP SolidStart® (LPI 450, LPI 530, LPI 18, LPI 36, LPI 56)



Red Built
  • I-Joists: Red-I (45, 65, 90, 90H, 90HS)



  • I-Joists: SAFEjoists (PKI 10, PKI 20, PKI 23, PKI 35Plus, PKI 40, PKI 50)


Siding Materials


James Hardie
  • Lap Siding: Hardie Plank® Select Cedarmill (Heathered Moss, Countrylane Red, Khaki Brown, Boothbay Blue)


Roofing Materials


IKO Industries
  • Asphalt Shingles: IKO Cambridge (Weatherwood, Dual Black, Driftwood, Earthtone Cedar, Harvard Slate, Aged Redwood, Dual Grey, Dual Brown, Charcoal Grey)



  • Metal Roofing: 5V Crimp (Antique Bronze, Brick Red, Evergreen)


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Truss updates by Medeek 2 Mar 2018

Refer pics attached.



Truss update Mar - 1.JPG

Truss update Mar - 2.JPG

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