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Materials list shows Rxx for roof framing (rafters I assume), how do I see which ones those are

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I have ensured framing labels are turned on the in the Tools->Layer settings.. but they still do not show.

I 'assume' that the label is what is used in the materials list  for roofing materials.


I have a roof over a roof section and  materials by area is including some of the main roof rafters in the list,

but I can't tell which ones... just want the deck addition and its roof


thanks for any guidance... using X9 Premier trial..



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For the roof framing, you could delete the existing framing, then build framing only for the roof planes you need.


Select them, right click and choose Build Framing For Selected Object.


For the labels, select a roof framing member and check the label. There is none by default, so none will show.

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thx.. the label says 'auto'  and R1-R22 show up in the materials list. so I 'assumed' it generated labels.. (identifiers)


there are multiple roof planes in this..


I don't see any mechanism to remove all framing.. or remove framing except by selecting each existing part..


i deleted the framing inside my 'area', and then used that.. but still get weird data.. I count approx 40 rafters.. the materials list is is giving me over 100..

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