Chief Architect Interiors for Kitchen & Bath in Sarasota, Florida

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We are a well established Kitchen & Bath Design Studio located in Sarasota, Florida. We are looking for an "in-house" designer to use Chief Architect to create floor plans, elevations, etc.

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Hi, I am freelance chief drafter with 5 years experience and can help you accordingly. Please knock me for further details. Thanks.

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I am a residential CA designer and live here locally in the Sarasota area, please, contact me so that we can discuss

these matters further, either first over the phone, or at a predetermined interview appointment.

I will wait to hear from you.



DCBCity Reference Letter Burgmann.pdfPattillo Recomendation Letter0001.pdfDCB Designs_Resume-(12-12-16) - FL.docx585bce1c77659_5901W50thfloorplan-(mainfloor-(7b))-final2.thumb.jpg.ff96ac86e98c59c356cbd2a43ddd92d2.jpg585bce1de688d_FrontPerspective-(07-13-16A).thumb.jpg.a1617e8278c0a9dc24022fd287624ed7.jpgPrarie-(10).thumb.jpg.74f181f4e35ebb424420dc62b8ed57ba.jpg585bce1d5c44e_FrontPerspective-(07-13-16ARaytrace).thumb.jpg.34bc86f239dbc38dfebb226710565ff0.jpgpost-515-0-94554700-1476695978_thumb.jpgpost-515-0-18219500-1471148035_thumb.jpgpost-515-0-08668800-1471147746_thumb.jpgpost-515-0-25779400-1468142614_thumb.jpgpost-515-0-74969300-1466680752_thumb.jpgpost-515-0-96225600-1457280560_thumb.jpgpost-515-0-39697900-1394059226_thumb.jpg

Exterior Front View 1A.jpg

Exterior Front View 1B.jpg

Exterior Front View Line Drawing_1A.jpg

Exterior Rear View 1A.jpg


Interior Bathroom Bonbrise Ray Trace-1A.jpg

Interior Bathroom Bonbrise-1A.jpg

Interior Bathroom Bonbrise-1B.jpg

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Our team primarily designs high end custom homes and remodels and would love to assist with with the design and documentation of your projects.  If you are interested in working with us, we can be contacted at or  Below are some renderings and photos of projects that we have designed.

talcot kitchen view.jpg




kitchen rendering.jpg

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