Interior walls that were generated are 6" low. Quickest way to fix?


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I have a large building and generated 3 walls that adjoin to one of the exterior walls.  Since I did not have to create the 4th wall (exterior wall), I guess chief won't look at it as a separate room.  No biggy really but walls are 6" lower than the 0" floor plane.  I open the detail page for each wall but cannot find a way to fix this issue.  The detail page shows the wall floor height (C) as 0" so I am confused here.  Do I need to add a polyline to connect this space as 4 walls?  What is an easy work around?  I just need to lift all walls up 6"



Update:  Just as a test I created a stand alone wall and it was correct.  So I went and deleted one of the 3 walls and it generated fine.  Then I deleted another and it worked but the one I previously changed went back to 6" low.  I think there is something going on when it ties into the exterior wall.  ?  I notice that now my exterior wall bottoms are at -6".  What I did was delete my base slab which was 6" thick.  I think the walls then dropped.  That seems to be the issue but not sure how to fix it.  

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