How to connect parallel roofs

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In our design, we'd like the middle part of the main roof to be elevated, i.e. the main gable roof is dividd into three parts of which the middle part is higher. 

Instead of using attic walls (so an abrupt transition between the roofs), we'd like to use connecting roof planes instead. 


I attached a simple plan containing only two roof planes and a wall. I'd like to define a roof plane between the two other roof planes that connects the two roof planes, BUT the edges still need to stay where they are. It's obvious to me what the roof plane should look like (I have the four corners that define the roof plane), but I can't figure out the magic chant in CA9 that would yield the roof plane I'm looking for. 


Any experts that can tell me how to create the required roof plane? 

parallel roofs.plan

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