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Small business specializes in professional engineered permit and construction drawings throughout the nation.    Can collaborate w/ client or generate 100% of project needs.  




Alan James PE


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Chief Architect drafting help


Hi Alan,


I do major remodels of single family residences in the San Francisco Bay Area.  5 years into this phas of my career.  Currently working on a complicated project that has 4 stories that step up a hill.  My projects are in the $2 - $4 millions range, and I’m currently working on two.


I am now doing my own architecture, having learned enough of CA Premier, X9 to be dangerous.  The challenge is that I’m new enough at this that somewhat regularly I hit drawing issues  that are not that complicated, but I just haven’t yet learned how to do them.  


So, I’m looking of coaching / help / take over part of the drafting to keep this project moving forward.


I can share files remotely.  Your location is not that important.  I’m looking or someone who is competent, and fun to work with.


Current projects need a few critical and currently, urgent inputs.  But in the future, it could be pretty steady drafting work to flesh out what I LIKE to do, but can’t, because I have to acquire design and keep my crews busy.


Basically, I have regular opportunities, by my architectural drafting skills are a key bottleneck.  My builder, engineer and I know the local codes.  But the planning and building departments here a extremely persnickety, and they want close to perfect plans, which I simply can’t produce.


I LOVE what I’m doing, and am successful at it.  But I can’t do it all.


Is there a possibility to work together?  Please contact me at, or on my cell at 415-601-8891.


My most active current project is at:


I look forward to hearing from you.




Joe Preis

CEO, Longitude Properties, Inc.

415-601-8891 cell

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To Whom it may concern,


I operate a business in Florida as a General Contractor and also a steel structure solutions business. One of our products is a set of models I created in Chief Architect for using our steel structures for residential use. We have been receiving a lot of interest. We can provide these structures nationwide with signed and sealed building and foundation engineering but we do focus on the Southeast. We are not Architects and what we need to be able to provide to clients outside out side of Florida are design packages which would be basically a full set of drawings with their edits including electrical lay out basic mechanical layout, dimensions and so form that marries to our shell. They can use this for estimating and building but we do not sign and seal the so called design package except for our Structural Plans. They would need a licensed Architect at that location if that is something they need. 


Do you have such capability? Would you like to see our draft models and discuss? Let me know and my email is below, drop me a note please.

cell 407-443-6741 

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