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Garage - Timber Trussed - 24 ft x 24 ft - conc slab

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Garage - Timber Trussed - 24 ft x 24 ft - conc slab


Good reference for the layout and detailing of a timber frame - truss Garage by Medeek.



3D Truss Model - View model at: ... 413304f620

(select wheel icon for 3D View - see graphic pic attached)


by Medeek » Tue Jul 12, 2016


This is an example of a 24' x 24' garage that I would like to build on my property this summer or the next. 
I created the foundation and roof with minimal effort using my own plugins. The walls were created initially with the housebuilder plugin however I then manually edited the walls. Note that the top plates overlap properly as they should.

Also note that the garage door wall is a double portal frame. I would like for my wall plugin to automatically create this standard type of portal frame (PFH) both single and double (ie. Garage Door Option). Notice the embedded Simpson Strong-Tie STHD14 holdowns.

I like to use 2x jamb boards around the door perimeters when the stem wall projects above the concrete slab, this may be atypical constructon for others. Local contractors like to embed a pressure treated nailer into the concrete.

In theory I should be able to create this exact model using the Foundation, Wall and Truss Plugin and do it all within 5 minutes or less. That is the goal.

With the wall plugin I will have the standard linear wall tool but I would also like to have a rectangle wall tool that will immediately throw up 4 walls given three user selected points, similar to the truss and roof plugins.
Related details:
Stemwall Foundation 5
Garage - concrete sloping floor - house floor frame - timber
Nathaniel P. Wilkerson PE
Medeek Engineering Inc




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