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    Tool bar items grayed out

    I asked a question, figured it out and now can't delete my post. Sorry.
  2. alikelly

    Adding new thicker cad line

    Found it thank you!
  3. alikelly

    Adding new thicker cad line

    I see one when I click on the cad line, but when I change the weight, the line doesn't change. Can you tell me where I am supposed to do this?
  4. alikelly

    Adding new thicker cad line

    How do I add a new CAD line that is thicker? Also when I click on a CAD line and try to change the weight it doesn't get thicker. Is there a trick I'm not getting? Thanks!
  5. alikelly

    Gable roof over front porch

    Hi I am trying to create a 3D version of a home designed by an architect and the renderings need to be spot on as they will be going on a website to showcase the home design. I only have to get the front looking correct and don't need to worry about the interior backs or sides. I have the roof almost done with auto build, but I cannot for the life of me get the gable over the front porch (I've tried a ton of different ways) and have it connect correctly to the rest of the roof. And I'm also noticing the roofline of the first story under the upper right windows is too low. Any help would be appreciated. I've attached a picture of the front elevation my version and the architects front elevation and my plan! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roofs are the bane of my existence! Miles back up with porch roof.plan
  6. I have an existing plan for a client I'm doing the 3D version for an architect who does not have the capability. I'm fairly new at this. I need to add a basement under part of the home, now, as they've decided to add one. I'm not sure how to do this. I know how to add a floor above, but not below an existing floor and not sure how to do the partial basement. The rest of the house will be on a slab. Thanks!