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    Hi Brian, I am available to help if you are still needing help. I am in San Jose CA and can work remotely with the latest version of Chief Architect X11. JG Hellmuth Interior Design 408-375-7441 portfolio found on texting get quick response.
  2. This has been a problem for years. I liked my fix, but still feel it needs to be looked at by someone "in the know" Thanks, Jeff
  3. My first entry here. Figured someone had a "tip or a technique" to fix my problem. Jeff
  4. FOUND A SOLUTION. Reverse the molding profile to face left instead of right and copy into library. Whew!
  5. I am stumped at why my curved molding on my dormer "crashes" after some curves are created. This is the original version: "Small Vent Narrow Patio" Now the client wants to add these curves: "Alteration to ..." I have tried this extrusion in may ways, this last one I split the moulding into left/right pieces. (As one piece it does a similar thing to the entire molding.) The left refuses to face front.. "HELP" Thanks for any help Jeffrey