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  1. Razorback1

    CA. X7 license for sale

    Hello everyone, I still have CA X7 for sale. If interested, Let me know.
  2. Razorback1

    CA. X7 license for sale

    License is still available. I haven't been on here for a little while, If interested, Shoot me a message. $1800.00
  3. Razorback1

    CA. X7 license for sale

    Still available.......
  4. Razorback1

    CA. X7 license for sale

    Chief Architect X7 Premier license for sale, SSA current until Jan. 2017 Includes hard copy of manual, & DVD Willing to sell for a fair price. As I am reducing my work load and slowing down. $2,000.00 $1,800.00
  5. Razorback1

    Hardware Lock ?

    OK, Thanks, No need to spend $$ (I like that)
  6. Razorback1

    Hardware Lock ?

    Is buying a hardware lock a good idea, Is it something I should have or is it just an option for users. I didn't buy one when I bought CA X7, And have been trying to search what it exactly does. But to no avail.
  7. Razorback1

    Library Browser Full Is Now Full Screen

    Yup, That worked... Thanks, I knew it was something easy, But i kept passing right over it. Once again , Thanks
  8. OK, I need help. I was working in plans, And went to the library browser, To change a casing profile, Some how I clicked something, (not sure what) but now what ever plan i open if i go to library, I get a full screen instead of small preview window. How do i change it back to the way it was ....? I have searched the reference manual but can not find anything on the views for it ... Thanks,
  9. Razorback1

    Opinions On My Drawings ?

    Thank everyone, I adjusted the wall for the tub dim. As I did have my tub as a 50", I just adjusted the linen cab. Also hadn't realized that I placed a narrow entry door. I thought I had resized it to 32". And yes this bathroom in fact has 2 doors for the linen closet, one in the hallway and one in the bathroom. House was built in the 50s. Alan, thanks for heads up on the toilet, I in fact have 30" clear in the real world. But again, I needed to tweak the walls to reflect it on the drawings. As a side note: I ordered Terry Munsons book on CA X7, It just arrived yesterday, Can't wait to dig into it and learn more...... you guys are awesome, thanks.
  10. Razorback1

    Opinions On My Drawings ?

    OK, So i have been creating a bathroom remodel plan. No walls being moved or changed, Just new vanity, sinks, tub, new tile thru-out and fixtures. I would like everyone's honest feedback. City building says it's an over the counter permit, But wants 3 copies. If all goes well, I may con't. and when i get good, I'll start promoting myself as a design /build contractor. Thanks for your feedback in advance. Ancich Bathroom_1(Layout).layout
  11. Razorback1

    Can Not Fill In Shower Niches

    Joe, one thing I have noticed is in 3D view the niche extends about 1/2 inch off the wall surface, and does not fit flush to the wall. ? Am I missing a step when placing the niche.
  12. Razorback1

    Can Not Fill In Shower Niches

    Joe Thank you, great download. The niche with out frame is exactly what I was looking for. One question, Can I place the niche after I have tile material on wet wall, Or do I need to place it prior to placing wall material ? Dale
  13. Razorback1

    Can Not Fill In Shower Niches

    I have drawn a simple bathroom and added 2 niches, but can not get them to fill in for a solid back. What am I doing wrong ? I have attached the plan for reviews. I researched it in the reference manual, and it describes to select build, primitive, solid polyline, But this does not work. Any suggestions ? Thanks, Dale Ancich Bathroom 2.plan
  14. Razorback1

    What To Do First

    OK, Guys, Here is what I have been able to do, Know I just need to figure out how to create a layout sheet for submittal to city building. Ancich Bathroom-Floor Plan.pdf
  15. Razorback1

    How Do I Insert An Image Into A Question On The Forum?

    Hi Alan, Hope your doing well, I have a question for you when you have a moment. I haven't been able to get an understanding on making a lay-out template. Dale U. (Salinas)