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  1. Importing a CAD drawing into X10 via DXF... Chief changes inches to "double inches". For example, 23'2" 1/4" is displayed, but should be 23' 2 1/4", or 23' - 2 1/4". Notice, first of all, there isn't a space between the 23 feet and inches when it imports, and... there are double inch marks... ( " ) after the number 2, as well as after the 1/4. Is there something that can be changed in the setup, or a macro that can be created, or a good way to fix this?
  2. It seems if the window schedules can calculate the rough openings by adding the 1/2 inch to the unit size... or whatever I set up in the framing option to be... there's got to be a simple way to display the R.O. at each window... but how? I know nothing about Ruby stuff nor creating text Macros. Do I need to use one of these? If so, how? I have no idea what to do! And three calls to CA tells me they aren't going to help. I'm rather frustrated! I've seen a couple posts and even some code on a post and thought I would be able to make changes to it to get the outcome I want - but no luck. I'm doing something wrong, I guess. Here's an example of how I'd want the rough opening displayed (under each window)... R.O. 3'2 1/16" x 6'0 7/8" In addition to the R.O., I'd also want the Andersen window name/code above, or below, the rough opening. Adding their specific window name/number is my next issue. Well... that, and figuring out how to get all their sizes/windows in the system! Following is the code I found. If this is the code I need to use... can someone tell me how/where to apply it? number = height + rough_opening_top + rough_opening_bottom divisor = 1/16.to_f a = ((number/divisor).round*divisor).divmod(12) feet = a[0] inches = a[1].floor if a[1].modulo(1) == 0 fraction = "" else fraction = " #{a[1].modulo(1).rationalize}" end "#{feet}'-#{inches}#{fraction}\"".reverse.chomp("-'0").chomp(" 0").reverse.chomp("-0\"")