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  1. Well Mr. Hall, I didn't mess with defaults. I've been doing this for awhile and it is not something I thought to check. Your answer helped, but your rudeness did not.
  2. yay finally plan is on original post
  3. I can't seem to attach it. Its only 24.1, but it keeps giving me an error
  4. I was thinking maybe there is something interfering, so i deleted the roof planes and reduced the door size on one wall. However the icon still does not show.
  5. You can also turn on and off the layers in the camera view. Did you try that?
  6. When You click on a roof plane you can choose to show it on the floor above, unless you want it to show up on the floor below. It is a button in the bottom edits. No reason to create a new floor, I don't think.
  7. My exterior wall framing is not building and it does not have a button and the bottom button to build separately is missing. any ideas?
  8. Hi, You can customize your foundation of your garage by selecting the wall and changing the preferences of the wall. You can also change preferences when you build the foundation for the room. Once you make the stem wall you can make an elevation and break the wall at each place you need it and stretch the wall up.
  9. I'd like to make an automatic schedule with the sheet numbers and title. How can i do this?