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  1. Working a floor plan with lots of angles. When contractor set ICF's for foundation, he made a number of changes. I've redrawn ICF foundation walls and now want to match wall lengths on main floor to my foundation walls. Managed about half with the align wall tool, but rest vary slightly. Wondered if there were any tricks out there to do this? Attached zip copy of plan I'm working on. Chris Schreier Chief X7 Windows -Update: File hopefully attached now!
  2. schrlmbr

    Roof sheathing bleed-thru

    Many thanks. Both changing clipping distances and changing the sheathing to the same as the roofing worked.
  3. schrlmbr

    tapered stone columns

    Great suggestions. Tried the pedestal, and it worked, but I think all might fit the bill. Thanks.
  4. schrlmbr

    Roof sheathing bleed-thru

    Trying to stop what I call "roof sheathing bleed-thru" when I use perspective full overview. Guessing there is a simple fix, don't know what it is. Suggestions? Chris Schreier Chief X7
  5. schrlmbr

    tapered stone columns

    Trying to find best way to create tapered stone-covered columns (24-30" at base up to 12-18" at top) to substitute for the ones in the depiction I attached. Thought this would be a simple CAD exercise, but after one hour, still eluding me. Thoughts?
  6. schrlmbr

    Accordian Door

    Thanks to all, great inputs. Chris Schreier
  7. schrlmbr

    Accordian Door

    Looking for a simple way to depict an accordian door for 23" x 92" serving window. Any suggestions? Chris Schreier Chief X6 Win 7 pro Intel Core i7-2600, 3.4 Ghz 8GB 64bit
  8. schrlmbr

    Post Framing

    When placing a post in my plan, the only part that comes up is the post footing. The post does not show at all, although defaults indicate a 6x6 should be placed. Tried this in 2 previous plans and the post placed perfectly. I did not attach thumbnails as they simply show the post footing, not the post. Display options are on for framing, post. Chris Schreier Chief X6
  9. schrlmbr

    Callout text size

    I've been unable to find a way to enlarge the font of the text in my door callouts. The size of the callout shape itself (circle, square, triangle, etc) will change, but the text font has remained small and unreadable. Tried changing in defaults, and in door schedule specification, both via label and text tabs. I did not have this issue in X5 and previous versions. Chris Schreier Chief Premier X6