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  1. I have drawn a plan with brick walls. When I send it to layout it all looks good. When I print a plan view to a pdf there are portions of the walls that the brick does not show up and others look good! Any ideas? Thanks 

  2. I am running Chief x7. I need to use a board and batten siding on a plan. Can anyone give me a tip how to accomplish this?


  3. Thank you for the input! Changing the mortar color makes good sense. I will try this tomorrow. Thank you again!
  4. I am having a problem when I print Elevations. All of the print is sharp and dark. Any brick that is supposed to print is very light to invisible. I have worked with line weights with no change in printing. I print a pdf. Then I send it to a kip printer. In the pdf the brick is very light. But, It does show up on the PDF. When I print the layout the brick does not print. Thanks in advance for any help. David