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    Creating U shaped winder stairs

    I used 26cm for tread depth, That's the min required in my country, not sure in the US. Looks like im gonna stick with this last simpler design. At least I learnt to handle CA a little better with all the winder stairs I tried to create.
  2. wok_cz

    Creating U shaped winder stairs

    What do you think about something like this: With treads a little shorter, it can get the same height as the other in almost the same space, and without irregular steps.
  3. wok_cz

    Creating U shaped winder stairs

    That looks a lot like the first image I posted, with the wall added. Do you mind posting the .plan file to take a closer look? Thanks. This is my last try at it: Have to add a few steps to get the same height as the original. Looks a little better but not sure how comfortable it would be to use, never seen one like this irl.
  4. wok_cz

    Creating U shaped winder stairs

    By the way, I am not a professional on the field, I am just drawing some ideas for my future house. After reading the code for my country I found the minimum at the edge is 12cm (4.72 inches). But I don't think they enforce it, since I know a lot of houses that doesn't meet that min requirement. I'd still like to improve my current design anyway. I found this method http://popularstairs.com/basic-stair-building/how-to-calculate-stairs/part2 for "balancing" the treads, but I couldn't figure out how to apply it on a U shaped stair, specially when mine doesn't have a space between the two sets of stairs (like this http://designedstairs.com/wp-content/gallery/stair-u-shape/100_6603.jpg, where the wall seems to be below the higher set of stairs, and not in the middle). I attached the plan file I am working on, but didn't get too far. Does anyone has some reading material like that one but for U shaped stairs? Or how is this method for "balancing" treads is called in english (not my main lang btw)?, because I couldn't find much info about it on google. stairs2.plan
  5. I am trying to create U shaped winder stairs. This is what I got so far: I used two sets of straight stairs and then with CAD polylines I created the triangle shaped steps used "Convert Polyline" > to > "Landing". But after looking at some real U shaped stairs pictures on google I noticed that in some stairs the winders are not triangles but quadrilaterals that are narrower on one side (something like this), making the step depth a little bigger, which seems to make the stairs more comfortable to climb. Does anyone with experience in building (real life) stairs has any tips about if using quadrilateral steps instead of triangles would be better? Or any reading material to learn the maths involved in creating this type of stairs in chief? Having in mind that my two set of stairs will not have a space between each other. (like this, but with winders instead of a landing)