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  1. Still can't figure it out it. I did transform/replicate to lower it and I got it to work once. Now when I try to lower it it just skews the envelope of the truss even more. The actual truss isn't affected though. The attached screen shot is after I tried to lower it by 1' for an example.
  2. Okay, I can't figure this out. I have attached a pdf cad drawing of what I actually want and the plan that I am working on. The plan is a bit of a mess right now since I have been trying so many different things. I tried a simple sample plan to accomplish what I want and that didn't work for me either. What am I doing wrong here? I cannot for the life of me get the floor trusses display at the correct height. If I change to joists its fine but the top of the floor truss keeps displaying level with the top of subfloor. Thanks Suerer cross section 1:14.pdf Suerer_Bath_towards_front_Concept_auto_save.plan
  3. Hello, I am a beginner using Chief X8 and its got me stumped. The plan I am working on is a rambler with a basement and 18" floor trusses. When I add a floor truss to the plan and open a cross section the truss displays at the wrong height. The top of the truss is flush with the top of the subfloor plywood and there is a gap between the bottom of the truss and the drywall. If I change the truss to an I joist it displays at the correct height. What am I missing? Thanks, Josh C.