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  1. Can anybody tell me how to make 180 degree bend continues stairs in chief architect. The picture I attached is of continues 90 degree stairs but I need 180 degree.
  2. I figured out this problem by changing the setting of lights and shadows. Thanks for help
  3. Hi David Potter i watched your youtube vedio. You might be a little confused with my model. This is my home model which is already constructed before my birth. I made lower ceiling on two room as it is actually in my home. If you see the asian countryside houses you will find this stuff mostly. However i am pleased with you for giving me a bit time and pay special thanks to you for this. I have another problem which i discussed on the following URL Please read this content and help me how to solve this i will be thankful to you. https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/index.php?/topic/7201-floor-colour-is-not-same-as-wall-color-even-using-same-meterial-in-ray-tracing/?p=64265
  4. I have made this model and then ray traced it . I used same material in the floor structure and the walls in 3d view it look ok but when i ray traced ,it doesnt remain same as the walls. Please help me whats wrong in it.. Complete Model with right Stairs purple half with 2bath.plan
  5. Thanks Gene Davis i used your technique for drawing polyline as well as i used 3 D molding symbol to create this...thanks again for helping..
  6. Hi GENE DEVIS ,i don't know how to use editing tools in reshaping roof egdes...would you like to tell me please how is it possible in chief
  7. I am talking about his model i want changing colors of each step but i can't by using molding...here i attach this model which i made in the sketch up...i want this to do in chief...... pakistani-countryside-type-house-1.snapshot.2.zip
  8. Hi all i want to know how to make this type of shade with multiple steps as shown in the attached picture...these type of roof are used in asian rural area houses but i wanna figure out this problem...kindly help