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  1. no - windows in a new wall separate from the building will not arch
  2. Thanks, but I have tried it both ways. It is a unit of 6 windows with the top 3 being arched. no mulled windows at any location in this particular plan can be arched.
  3. Plan size of 32MB is to large to attach. If I copy and paste a portion of the plan into a new plan I am able to arch the windows. I can arch windows that have not been mulled.
  4. Has anyone had the problem of not being able to arch a triple set of mulled windows? I only have the problem in one particular plan. The window defaults don't give me the option for a arch window, it's grayed out.
  5. Thanks for all the input. Thanks for the offer MarkMC, but It's a long way from NY to Idaho.
  6. I am looking for a printer that will print on 12x18 paper (half size of our standard size "D" 24x36). Many of the wide format printers that will print up to 13x19 including my new HP 7610 will not print on 12x18. Any recommendations are appreciated.