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  1. Where can I find an chiefarchitect job in the bayarea??

  2. Question: I am new chief user and seeking a job position only working with chief architect to design home floor plans. I have experience designing and creating floor plans, which is similar to Chief Architect. If I can get some idea to where to apply to the right companies I would really appreciate it. I live in the bay area, California. I was a student that recently graduated a few years ago with my degree in Residual architectural. My background would fit into a Chief architect user with my experience, that I have accumulated throughout the years. . Thank you for your time, ChiefuserRandy
  3. Hi, I am new to Chief architect, I like to know if there are jobs created just using chief architect auto-cad alone. I live in the bay area and would like to find a job in the Bay area California, San Mateo county area. If you know of any please reply to this message, thank you for your time Chief architect new user,
  4. Is there only Chief architect software jobs that get paid and where our they in the bay area??
  5. Question, Are there jobs for only chief archtect software operators? Do hire and pay only chief architect software users?