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    Separating floor/roof interactions between wings

    Thanks - sorry! Steve
  2. I've been using Home Designer Pro 2016 occasionally for various hobby/home design projects, and have been frustrated trying to add a wing to an existing house plan. I have a pretty good plan for our 2 storey house, but when I try to add a 1.5 storey addition I can't make the roof specifications for it without the roof/second floor of the house getting messed up. Awhile back I posted about this and there wasn't a good solution to it, short of designing it in a separate project and then pasting it into the larger plan. So I'm wondering if this issue might have been resolved in the latest version (2021). If so, that might move me to plunk down the money to upgrade. (Plus I gather from the on-line help that there are some other nice features that 2016 doesn't have.)