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  1. I own this 1.5 story house built in the 50's and want to remodel the interior. I already have a local structural engineer on-board and all I need to do is provide him drawings on what remodeling I want to do. I think I'm close but bought Suite 2016 to help visualize in 3D. I invite anyone to take a crack at a new layout for this house. What is important to us is.. Nice master suite with master bath and large shower Big kitchen Due to the sloped ceilings on the second floor, I do not see a whole lot of alternatives for stair location and hence layout but ya never know what someone else might come up with. Other than that, I would like quotes on cleaning up what i have and providing me prints to be used by the engineer. There is only so far i can go with the Suite version. Things of note... The exterior walls are all double course brick with plaster on the interior side. The half wall height at the eave ends of the second floor are 50". The roof pitch is 6/12 throughout. Half of the crawlspace was dug out to make a basement, I will be digging out the other half to make a full basement. Currently access to the basement is through the original attached garage, new steps will be needed from the living area so that the current steps can be filled in to be brought level with the rest of the floor in the garage (future kitchen). The original dormer on the south side will be raised to allow standing height and possibly a door instead of a window. This will be one of the last things done. The new master bath will need a dormer to make it work. A 4/12 pitch on the dormer roof would be ok if necessary. The new kitchen (old garage) has vaulted ceilings. All floor joists are 7.25 x 1.5" on 16" centers. Rafters are 7.25 x 1.5" on 24" centers, collar ties are 93" above the floor Forgive the .plan files... I bought this software 3 days ago and am still learning my way around. Attached 7707.plan This is what the house is now (yes the stairs are that steep). 7707B.plan This is as far as i could get with what I want. Sloped ceilings and dormers are being difficult for me. New2nd.png and new2nd2.png are from another program but shows the 2nd floor layout better. Thanks, Paul7707.plan7707B.plan